III Symposium for Technical Riding

On 24th, 25th and 26th March at the Spanish Riding School Somosaguas Club, the III Symposium for Technical Riding was held, organized by Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre.
Directed by Luis Fernández Gil-Fournier, participants could also benefit from the knowledge and experience of professionals such as Patricio Maldonado, Luis Lucio, Teresa Garcia, Pedro Rey, Joaquim Clotet and Juan Queipo de Llano.
III Simposium Técnicos Equitación
This third edition featured a total of 28 technical assistants who enjoyed the activities, both practical and theoretical, which were developed over the three days.
The symposium began with a Show Jumping session in charge of Mr. Patricio Maldonado, a professional rider trainer. After a short break, the attendees enjoyed a practical class, this time Dressage, in charge of Luis Lucio, jockey, trainer and judge of this discipline.
The first day ended with two conferences. The first one, «Introduction to Vaulting», by Ms. Teresa Garcia, National Vaulting Judge at the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation. The second and final class for the day was given by Mr Pedro Rey, Technical Director of CCE and non-Olympic disciplines of the FEI, entitled «The future of professional sports technician».
The second day began with two practical classes, again given by Mr. Patricio Maldonado and Mr. Lucio Pérez, each in his specialty. After lunch the conference «Nutritional considerations for optimal functioning of the digestive system of the horse» took place. Need for fibre» given by Mr. Joaquim Clotet, with a subsequent round tablet addressing the subject.

III Simposium Técnicos Equitación

Finally, the third day was divided into two parts. In the morning there were activities taking place related to the Equestrian Tournament, both theoretical and practical by Mr. Juan Queipo de Llano, Team Manager, Coach and National Team Coach of the National Teams from 2000 to 2004. The practices of this modality took place in the facilities of the Military Equestrian Centre La Dehesa.
During the afternoon, the conference «The new decrees», by Mr. Luis Fernandez Gil-Fournier, director of this Symposium and head of the Equestrian Education Service section for FAS Equine Breeding Service, which was followed by a round table discussion on the topic.
During the three-day symposium, attendees could enjoy full training sessions, with theoretical and practical sections, led by the best national professionals.
These are the things confirming that, for the third consecutive year, how successful this initiative is, making this event a must in the annual panorama of equestrian training.
III Simposium Técnicos Equitación

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