Horse Assisted Therapies – El Molino Special Education School

El Molino Special Education School in Pamplona, a member of Fundación Ciganda-Ferrer, is one of the centres that most frequently receives Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre’s support, being this the 10th time both entities sign a cooperation agreement.

In this occasion, El Molino conducted Horse Assisted Therapies on the school premises, holding equine therapy sessions throughout the school year.


40 pupils participated in different equestrian activities to improve their psychomotor coordination;back and abdominal muscle tone;facilitate muscle relaxation andbreathing;achieve posture control, autonomous walk and control of voluntary movements; develop their communication skills, self-esteem, and social relationships; and learn basic horse care and equipment maintenance.


Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre meets its goals towards society when an increasing number of persons can benefit regularly from Equine Therapies, and for this reason keeps supporting the work of organizations like El Molino Special Education School.IMG_20161201_102159

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