Donation of adapted riding material – ADHIN

The second cooperation agreement between Asociación para el Desarrollo Humano de forma Integral y con la Naturaleza – ADHIN (Association for Human Full Development in Nature – ADHIN), from Madrid , and the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport , was signed in order to back the donation a adapted riding equipment required to conduct their Horse Assisted Therapy Program.

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The new riding equipment is used in all therapy sessions held daily at de Soto del Espinar Centre and in their new centre Prados Monteros.

The program includes different activities such as Hypotherapy, Therapeutic Riding, Assisted Equitation, and Therapeutic Leisure, and also the support to other institutions that might require it, so the final number of beneficiaries considering all circumstances, is 97 people.

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Once again, the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport contributes to the progress of the institutions that conduct horse assisted therapies, so a higher number of beneficiaries can enjoy them, meeting the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. Sin título-10

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