Training course for Volunteers – MAIARA

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian sport collaborated for the third consecutive year with the Maiara Equestrian Therapy Association, this time supporting a training programme for the volunteers.
This course taught by specialists from the Animal Therapy Assisted with Horses Association, was divided into two sessions, theory on the 11th October, and  practical on the 12th October which took place at the Las Rozas Equestrian Club in Madrid.

During the 12 hours of training which benefitted 12 students the following topics were covered:

  • What is Equine Therapy?  Historical Evolution
  • Benefits of Equine therapy
  • Recipients
  • The professional therapy team
  • The horse, nature and care, the therapy horse
  • The role of the volunteer

On the other hand, in the practical they could learn basics of horsemanship in the arena and in the field, practice concrete exercises to do in the therapy sessions, training of transferring patients and other jobs for assistants during sessions.
The 12 students showed their satisfaction from the training they received. They have all joined the Maiara Association volunteer team which can count on a team of 18 active and four alternates.  They help cover the 60 patients coming weekly to receive therapy sessions.

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