Therapeutic Riding programme – APTC (Asociación de Profesionales de Terapias Con Caballos)

The long history of cooperation between Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre and APTC (Asociación de Profesionales de Terapias con Caballos), from Valencia, will be strengthened with the settlement of the 9th agreement for the support of their therapeutic riding programme.

A programme with five Therapeutic Riding sessions was conducted at APTC, with the cooperation of C.E.E. Sebastián Burgos.
In total, five children aged from 3 to 7, suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders and other General Developmental Disorders, participated during 5 weeks in 30 minute Horse Assisted Interventions with a personalised work method to improve the functional area each one required.

All children achieved significant improvement in their motor, social, attention and communication skills after the therapeutic sessions. The Association believes that a sustained training programme would bring them great benefits, and this encourages our Foundation to keep its support.

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