Technique and Style Classes – RACE

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sports has sponsored the technique and style testing held on the past November 19th at the equestrian facilities RACE.
A total of 19 participants made the competition, put together by the technical director of the center under the rules of such tests.
Horsemen and horsewomen both had an appointment to compete in the different modalities that were given, with the following test results on the 1* (one star) category:
• In first position with Colaka, Alejandra Galvez.
• Secondly Federico Ramos, with horse Ecuador.
• And in third place Veronica P. with horse Cazan.
And achieving the following classification in the 2 * (two stars) category:
• James Maldonadowith horse Carlanka, in first position.
• Iron John with horse Logique, as the second runner-up.
• And Aimar Fernández with horse Ulvano, on third place.
The winners of the competitions received, from the staff organizing the event, different cash prizes as well as blankets and ribbons for their horses.

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