Technique and Style Assessments at R.C. Pineda de Sevilla

The Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports has sponsored the Technique and Style Assessments for the 1* and 2** (star) levels held at the R.C. Pineda of Seville last 26th  March, opening the competition schedule of the Foundation for this year 2011.


21 horsemen and horsewomen attended the tracks of R.C. Pineda to display their skills, in a trail built under the regulations governing this type of assessments; the 1* (one-star) level produced the following results:

  • First place: Álvaro Ladrón de Guevara with horse “Conander”.
  • Second place: Carmen Salís Tella with horse “Querry”.
  • Third place: with horse “Sprint JB”, rider Juan José Gómez.

For the 2** (two-star) level, the results were:

  • First place: Aurelio Gutiérrez with horse “Sun Carrier Light”.
  • Second place for horsewoman Ana Gallardo, with horse “Alfayed”.
  • Third place: Álvaro Ladrón de Guevara with horse “Lander”.

The winners of the competition received prizes in cash, as well as blankets and rosettes for their horses.
Just like in the previous editions, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports continues to promote the holding of assessments in this modality, conceived to improve the competition techniques, with several different competition factors involved.

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