Technique and Style Assessments – Sotogrande Hípica

As a continuation to the sportive activity of the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports beginning in February, the facilities of the Hípica Sotogrande in Cádiz hosted, on 3rd and 4th April, the second assessment of the I Jumping Social League, where the technique and style assessments are sponsored by the Foundation.
Repeating the success–in terms of organization and attendance– of the first contest, over 40 horsemen and horsewomen gathered in the Sotogrande track to show their skills in a trail built under the regulations governing this type of assessments, with the following contestants ranking for the 1* (one-star) level:

  • First place: Rocío Maldonado with horse “Kazam”.
  • Second place: Francine Pons with horse “Racherleady”.
  • Third place: Sonsoles Panadero with horse “Haston”.

For the 2** (two-star) level, the following results were obtained:

  • First place: Nacho Blazquez with horse “Campioni”.
  • Second place: Agustín Blazquez with horse “Texano”.
  • Third place: Inés Maldonado Lasunción with horse “Roxby Downs-B”.

The winners of the competition received various prizes, as well as blankets and rosettes for their horses.
The Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports encourages holding assessments in this modality and specifically the creation of this league, conceived to cover the existing gap in the promotion of promising youths in this sport, providing them with assessments to compete and wishing that –with time and experience–these horsemen and horsewomen may reach the top.

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