Learning Workshop with horses – Ikiriki

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport collaborated with The Association Socio Ikiriki of Vitoria for the second year, holding the draft therapies «Apprentice Workshop Assisted with Horses», Transition from adolescence to Adulthood.
With this programme 6 female adolescents were assigned different resources in the town hall of Vitoria – Gasteiz, in the Service of Infancy and Family, an experience which helped them reach maturity.
The programme was developed in several sessions of an hour and a half between the months of May and June. To do this Ikiriki put at their disposition a multidisciplinary team of Sandra Vadillo (Psychologist and Family therapist) and Luis Salazar (Social Educator and coach) both with experience in the field of direct intervention with this group and trained in the discipline of Assisted Animal Therapy, specialising in therapy with horses and dogs.
For most of the beneficiaries,  it was the first contact they had with horses.
After the experience they highly appreciated the contact with nature and horses, meeting new people, sharing experiences and a higher esteem from the knowledge acquired.
With this programme The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport continues its line of support for people with fewer resources through the world of horses.

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