Infrastructure Improvement – Ekinatur Association

The Ekinatur Associatio which operates in the Tereul area submitted a project to The Foundation of the Promotion of Equestrian Sport to improve infrastructure, this year.  For the second consecutive year the two entities entered in to a new collaboration.
2013_et12a 2013_et12b
Construction of a multipurpose hall with adapted bathrooms in the Ekinatur premises, offering  basic services, for the 100 users, enabling them to partake in a variety of activities including:

  • 1 Introductory course to the TACA «Introduction to Equine Therapy»
  • Reinforcement activities in the classroom on the Equine Therapy Programme
  • Office tasks for the team and interviews of valuation for the users.
  • Tackrooms and space for the organisation of material for the sessions.
  • Adapted Bathrooms: to cover the basic and indispensable necessities of the users


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