Conference on Equine Osteopathy in Valencia by Roberto Abitbol

The Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports  organized a Conference on Equine Osteopathy at the Educational Farm of the Veterinarian School in the Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia, where 60 attendants met last 18th November to listen to the renowned equine homeopath and osteopath, Mr. Roberto Abitbol, president of the Association of Natural Therapy Professionals of Madrid (APTN-COFENAT) and the Nacional Cooperative for Natural Therapies (CONAMAD0), also the founder and director of the International Center of Equestrian Studies (C.I.D.E.E.)


In the Conference, Mr. Abitbol showed the various muscular and articular pathologies suffered by the horses that were present in the place, as well as the mobilization maneuvers to perform on said structures and the procedure to apply in each particular case in order to re-establish the horse’s biomechanical wellbeing.


From the first conference, developed in Lugo, the Foundation has continued to offer these talks all throughout the country, due to their great reception in Universities.

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