Equine-Assited Interventions for Adults with ASD – Asociación Nuevo Horizonte

The seventh collaboration agreement between the Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre and Asociación Nuevo Horizonte was, from Madrid, established to collaborate once again with its Equestrian Therapies program aimed at Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The therapy program was taught by the Terapianimal team and was carried out with six users of the Association, with a duration of 90 minutes per week. The interventions have been carried out during the months of January, February, October, November and December.
With an individualized but also group intervention strategy, motor and cognitive activities, exercises related to the horse, handling and riding were established.
The great interest of Asociación Nuevo Horizonte because its users can carry out activities and therapies that promote their integral development as well as quality leisure experiences, has led to the continuous collaboration of Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre over the last 7 years.

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