Donation of adapted equestrian material – Equestrian Club A Jranxa · Equestrian Centre Galiocio  

The second collaboration agreement between the Club Hipico A Jranxa-Equestrian Center Galiocio, O Grove, and the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport, took the form of a donation of equestrian adapted equipment to carry on its therapy program «Riding for all».
In one hour sessions once a week, children and adults of the area with any specific needs and / or disabilities had the opportunity to improve their quality of life through the contact with the horse, in particular, and the equestrian world, in general.
The total number of beneficiaries of this program has been 8 people.
The Foundation for the Promotion of Sport Equestrian continues to make progress in the implementation and consolidation of the Equestrian Therapies nationwide by collaborating in different ways with programs, such as the one presented by the Equestrian Club  A Jranxa.EQUITACION PARA TODOS II (11)

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