Donation of portable adapted toilet facilities – EquiTEA Association

The Sevillian Association for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders, EquiTEA, has benefited, for the second year in a row, from the assistance of Fundacion para la Promocion del Deporte Ecuestre. Through a partnership agreement, it has been possible to provide the institution with portable adapted toilet facilities.
Donación baño portátil EquiTEA
Although EquiTEA was born to attend the needs of people suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders, the high demand of equestrian therapies has moved the institution to open their services to users with other type of special needs as a result of physical, psychological or social disadvantages.
This year, the association has collaborated with Seville Townhall in the program “Caballo Educa” (“Horses Educate”), and also with the Psychology Faculty of the University of Seville, with the Adults Unit of Seville Autism Association, with the Parents’ Association of the Irish Sisters’ School in Castilleja, or with “Andalucía para Niños” (Andalusia for Children), conducting specific programs and activities for each case.
Donación baño portátil EquiTEA
Also, the first “Holy Week on Horse Camp” was held, and full-day gatherings during which the youths attending therapy could horse-ride along with their parents and guardians.
For all of them, and intending to enhance their experience in quality and security, the installation of portable adapted toilet facilities donated by Fundacion para la Promocion del Deporte Ecuestre has been a welcomed improvement of the services provided by EquiTEA Association.
Donación baño portátil EquiTEA

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