Course Equestrian Tourism Management Course, UNED

The itinerary and practices of the Course in Equestrian Tourism Management were carried out, as developed by the National University of Distance Learning (UNED), thus ending the course for year 2012.
Enrolled students, who come from Cantabria, Calatayud, Álava, Palencia and Madrid, were able to complete the practices held on 18th– 20th September at the facilities of Sports Club “Jarahonda” (Navacerrada, Madrid).


Practices – Day 18
Reception of students at the Jarahonda center.
Coaching practices with the horses, directed by professor Aramayo.
Two theoretical sessions; the first on the economic aspects of the equestrian sector, and the second about the challenges and opportunities of equestrian tourism, delivered by Mr. Rafael Castejón.


Practices – Day 19
Teaching route in the area of Navacerrada and los Molinos to verify the student’s horse-riding level and capacity to lead groups in the natural environment.
Theoretical session on veterinary care and the horse’s exercise physiology, taught by Mr. Francisco Castejón.


Practices – Day 20
Orientation practices with maps in the natural environment, by professor Mariano Puente.

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