“Compartimos ilusiones”(“We share our dreams”) – Asociación CabalCan

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre and CabalCan, Association of Assisted Therapies and Activities, created in 2016 in Pamplona, have signed their first cooperation agreement to develop the project “Compartimos ilusiones”(“We share our dreams”).4.2

“Compartimos ilusiones”  is an equestrian activity for children and youths, with 16 male and females participants from Asociación Navarra de Ayuda a la Infancia y la Familia (ANAIF), aged 7 to 15.

Session have been conducted from march to June at Robledales de Ultzama Equestrian Centre, coordinated by Estela García Rubio and Oriol Ferrán,  with focus on sensory stimulation, improvingposture control, facilitating feelings of happiness and wellbeing, patience, and body language and non verbal communication. Participants were encouraged to invite their friends to the last sessions to share their experience.19

Improving physical wellbeing and personal development through horse-assisted activities is among the main purposes of our Foundation, which makes constant efforts to increase the number of beneficiaries.guille

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