Adapted Ramp to access the horse – Asociación El Aula a Caballo

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre and El Aula a Caballo Association, from Córdoba, signed their first agreement in 2017, through which our Foundation will sponsor the construction of an adapted ramp to access the horse.20170328_155913

33 members of the association benefit from the activities held throughout the year, such as: individual equestrian therapy sessions, educational and leisure equestrian workshops for siblings with or without diversity, work with low performance adults, summer camps; and their oncoming programming will include paraequestrian riding.15056477_340775342950695_8744942442628402808_n

All activities, leisure or educational, involve the participation of therapy horses, so the ramp provided by our Foundation is very useful to ensure that all participants can ride the horse safely.15094469_1695891634072972_2335269451886100866_n

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