Adapted material donation – La Solana Equestrian Therapies

The Equestrian Therapy Center La Solana, Seville, has received a donation of equestrian adapted material through the signing of an agreement with Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Adaptado, which makes its first collaboration this year.
Donación de material La Solana 2015
With the material received, La Solana has been able to conduct group activities, such as workshops, where groups of four students have been carrying out different tasks and activities related to the equestrian world for one and a half hours.
The centre also offers individual therapy sessions to four children with different limitations. Also, the new material has enabled them to begin training a new horse that will join the two horses which are already doing the training.
Donación de material La Solana 2015
With this collaboration,Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Adaptado supports the development and strengthening of equestrian therapies at centres lacking resources, achieving not only the expansion of their range of activities, but also the chances of assisting people in need.
Donación de material La Solana 2015

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