Technique and Style Class at Sotogrande Hípica

On December 11th, at Sotogrande Equestrian Center, giving an end to the competitions calendar programmed for the year 2011, two Jumping Technique and Style tests 1* (one star) and 2* (two stars) respectively, were held .
A total of 23 pairs responded to the convene in Cádiz, and the results achieved were as follows.
Classification for test 1* (one star):
• In the first position, Addison James Woods, with fellow horse Origan.
• Second, Max Vittore Schot with Paris d´auge.
• And in third place, with horse Canela RB, Cristina Herrainz.
Results in the 2 *(two stars) competition:
• Almudena Martín de Oliva, as the winner, with horse Udona.
• Second, Marcos Soldevilla with horse Ernesto.
• And third-placed Sophie Luders Gif with Horse Air Balia.

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