Technique and Style Assessments LUAL

On 29th May the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports sponsored the Technique and Style Assessments organized by LUAL and carried out at the facilities of the L.A.C. de Aranjuez stable, where a high number of contestants attended to compete in the 1* and 2** levels.
The contestants who ranked for the 1* (one-star) level were:

  • First place: with horse “Madonna”, Leticia Riva.
  • Second place: Diego Olmedilla with horse “Charro”.
  • Third place: Gabriel Alonso Pacheco with horse “Portphilip”.

In the 2** (two-star) level, the following participants ranked:

  • First place: Curro Castillejo with horse “Maggie de Prele”.
  • Second place: Juan Riva with horse “Emildor”.
  • Third place: Natalia Megias with horse “Chacón”.

The winners of the competition were given different cash prizes, as well as rosettes and blankets for the horses.
Yet another year, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports collaborated with LUAL in organizing these Technique and Style assessment, promoting the sport among young riders and contributing to improve their sports training.

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