Maintenance and Replacement of Equipment – CEE El Molino

The Ciganda-Ferrer Foundation was established in 1976 with the goal of reaching out to young people with intellectual disabilities and their arising needs.
Its first social work was the creation, in 1978, of the Special vocational training College El Molino.
The educational project of El Molino, in addition to the specific learning acquisition, it focuses on individual issues, favoring maturation, autonomy, personal balance and social integration, based on achieving a comprehensive education.
Throughout the course, 22 students participated in the therapy sessions, divided into two groups who came to the center on a weekly basis between February and June. During this time they enrolled in beneficial activities such as:

  • Watching videos and slides for the conceptual contents.
  • Record cards made in regards of these contents.
  • Specific warm ups.
  •  Mount and dismount with and without assistance.
  • Demanding the horse to move forward and stop, with and without help.
  • Cleaning the horse.
  • Taking the horse by the bridle.
  • Turning, with and without support.
  • Gymnastic exercises on the horse, with and / or without support, standing still and in movement.
  • Riding on the track, with and /or without physical support.

The overall assessment of the course has been very positive. Thus, with their contribution, the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sports continues to work with associations and therapeutic riding centers where it is needed, in order to make known to the general population the therapies used to improve the lives of people with risk of social exclusion.

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