Equine Therapy Support Trepitjant Fort

The Trepitjant Fort Association submitted a project to the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport to support the rehabilitation of neurological diseases through equine therapy.  The project materialised in the first collaboration between the two entities.
The program entitled «Change of Room – From hospital to Riding School» facilitated 10 sessions of rehabilitation with Equine therapy for five patients from The University Hospital of Sant Joan de Reus.
Within the patient profile with neurological injury, the five men finally chosen had suffered a stroke ( ischemic or hemorrhagic) in 2013.  All five men had suffered the stroke on the right side and they were in the age group  of 45 to 66.
The sessions have been planned and conducted by a team of three professionals. In some cases volunteers were necessary due to the complexity of the case.
With those profiles with a marked imbalance more importance was given to the riding and longer sessions.
After the 10 sessions held,  the objectives were achieved in a very satisfactory manner.  The motivation of the five patients increased as the weeks progressed. On the physical level the progress was greater in the patients with more disability.  Patients were also seeing improvement in their balance both walking and mounted and could notice a decrease in the spasticity of the lower extremity affected.
Due to the success of the project, three of the participants continue to conduct sessions with the team from Trepidjant Fort.   They have also decided to publish and present the data gathered during the experience so that thanks to the disclosure more patients and medical professionals may be interested in this type of therapy.
This is just one more of the activities that the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport is supporting.  Contributing to the knowledge and respect for Equine Therapy.

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