Equine surgery Internship at the UCM

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sports collaborated with the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in conducting a practice of equine surgery, particularly an arthroscopy, performed on the medial proximal sesamoid bone of the left hind limb. The surgery was performed by Dr. López San Román, with the assistance of his team and 12 students, members of the Group Number 1 – Large Animals.
This surgery is a type of endoscope that consists in the visualization of a joint in order to observe their internal anatomy. In the case that it is for therapeutic purposes and not for a diagnostic, as in the case, the arthroscopy is implemented with various instruments and the purpose of the intervention is to cure or treat the damaged joint.
Due to the favorable evolution, the discharge is decided to be on February 22, for the treatment to be continued outside the hospital.

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