Equestrian Tourism Course Practices, by the UNED

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sports has once again supported the Equestrian Tourism Course organized by La UNED.
On the 16th, 17th and 18th of September, 12 students from various locations of the Spanish geography – Valencia, Navarra, Huesca, Cantabria, Madrid, Murcia and Asturias – have arrived to the Sports Club Jarahonda (Navacerrada – in Madrid) to enjoy the practical sessions.

Practices undertaken in this course have a dual purpose, first checking on the knowledge acquired by students in the theoretical part of the course, as well as the skills obtained through experience in the equestrian world; on the other hand, the course will allow its students to complete the training on the main aspects of Equestrian Tourism along the course offered, using the distance methodology by the UNED.
Apart from the monographic topics imparted to the students during the lectures, they were also instructed on the features to be included in the quality equestrian tourism activities, such as accommodation for horses and riders, gastronomy and nature scenarios that allows, while in riding tours, to experience the sensations that make this sport unique.

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