Equestrian therapy training and practice sessions – CDRS Hípica de Valladolid

Fundacion para la Promocion del Deporte Ecuestre has signed in 2015 the first cooperation agreement with Club Deportivo Real Sociedad Hipica of Valladolid, in order to conduct a one-day workshop on equestrian therapies for the educational team in foster-home “El Juglar”, while the fostered youths receive equine assisted therapy sessions.
Formación y Terapias Hípica Valladolid
The workshop, held on May 22nd, 2015, began with a lecture analysing the ideal relationship between man and horse, which should be based on respect for the horse’s will and nature, gaining his trust and achieving a proper handling of the animal, essential for the therapy sessions.
Practice training took place in the Club’s covered ridding ring, with therapy horses handling activities, foot on ground or with the longe,following various tracks with different grades of difficulty. Finally, the team could simulate therapeutic ridding sessions, using the skills achieved.
Formación y Terapias Hípica Valladolid
Eight educators from “El Juglar” benefited from the training. Also, 12 youths belonging to this centre, oriented to adolescents at risk of social exclusion, could enjoy the therapeutic sessions conducted by the educators after training.
With this collaboration, Fundacion para la Promocion del Deporte Ecuestre brings therapies closer to those with less opportunities to access them, enhancing not only their practice, but also the best conditions for secure and effective therapy.
Formación y Terapias Hípica Valladolid

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