Equestrian adapted material donation – “Equitación Positiva” Association

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport and the “Equitación Positiva” Association signed its second agreement of collaboration with the aim of donating adapted riding material to the development of the equestrian therapies program that this entity has underway in the the Asturcón Equestrian Centre of Oviedo.


The main activity of the Association is the implementation of a horse-assisted therapy programme, approached from an integral perspective. During the course of 2016, they will attend more than 200 people, children and adults with different diagnoses, so the direct beneficiaries of this material would be all those people who annually attend the therapy program.

In each 50-minute session they work the objectives of increasing the autonomy of the people who go to therapy, in addition of influencing in specific aspects taking into account the inter-individual differences: behavioural and emotional control, improvement of the physical conditions, etc.

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport, with the donation of adapted material, reaffirms its commitment with the therapy with horses, encouraging and being involved in the development of projects as the one presented by the Equitación Positiva” Association.IMG_8651

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