Donation of adapted riding equipment – Asociación Psicoanimal

Fundación Para La Promoción Del Deporte Ecuestre and Psicoanimal Association in Madrid, have formalized their the fourth collaboration agreement so the association will receive a donation of adapted riding equipment.
Psicoanimal provides Horse Assisted Therapy and Leisure services, with a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the health, social work and equine fields to assist a varied profile of beneficiaries: children with special needs, adults suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and people of all ages with functional diversity, neurological damage and sensory integration, mood disorders, seeking to improve their emotional intelligence skills and personal development, seniors, individuals at risk of social exclusion and vulnerable women.

Around the year the attend to 150 persons in total.

With the equipment provided they have been able to increase the quality of their sessions and reach a greater number of beneficiaries in the different centers where they are present. Also, they have included new services to complete the offer of the Association. Fundación Para La Promoción Del Deporte Ecuestre considers the results of this collaboration very positive.

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