Training course for volunteers – A.D.E.G. (Asociación de Equinoterapia de Girona)

ADEG (Asociación de Equinoterapia de Girona) and Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre have signed a cooperation agreement –the 5th between both organizations- to promote volunteering and conduct a training course for volunteers to become Horse-Assisted Therapy Assistants.IMG-20170411-WA0001

The core point of the course was the creation of a specific training space for therapy assistants, and a varied content structure, developed through a 25 hour schedule: 5 hours dedicated to horse-riding, 5 hours of dissertations, and other 15 hours of practical training. These different phases were held during March and April, for 9 volunteers.

The objectives of this course were to improve the basic training of volunteers and to establish a list of volunteers to give support at the different AEG affiliated centres; also, to design and give specific training to volunteers as therapy assistants.IMG-20170411-WA0002

This project has been very satisfactory: on one hand, if has helped create a volunteer listing and design its management; on the other, it has helped to improve the training of volunteers. For Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre, both aspects are essential to enhance the experience of children, youths and adults who benefit from HAT.  DSC_0566

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