Our first steps

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre

In 2005, Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre began its activity, with its first President and Founder Mr. Germán López Madrid, motivated by the desire to create a favourable environment that would allow the development of a sport and an animal that he admired and loved.

In November of the same year, the first activity that marked the future of the organisation was a ceremony in recognition of the successful Equine Assisted activities that had been carried out at Club Hípico el Asturcón in Oviedo by its promoter, Mr. Eduardo Pérez Lastra.

Since its beginnings, the Foundation has enjoyed the support and participation of H.R.H. Princess Elena in many of the numerous activities promoted and carried out by the Foundation.

In 2015, H.R.H. became HONORARY PRESIDENT of the Foundation, a fact that would have a significant influence on its development.

D. Germán López Madrid
D. Germán López Madrid

What is our aim?

To support entities dedicated to the empowerment and development of people through Riding in its most varied manifestations.

How do we reach our main objective?

Through our Founding Purposes

Spreading, promoting and development
  • Contributing to the spreading, promotion and development of Equestrian Sport in its most varied manifestations, as well as its historical, educational, economic and cultural aspects and in general, any activity that helps to know and disseminate the equestrian art.
Protecting and encouraging
  • Protecting and encouraging horse breeding and related activities, promoting or collaborating, where appropriate, in research programmes.
Supporting and Promoting
  • Supporting and encouraging the initiation and improvement in the practice of the equestrian sport.
Educating and Training
  • Educating and training all kinds of people in the professions related to the equestrian art.
Resources and Opportunities
  • Articulating the necessary resources and opportunities for the acquisition of horses, material or help to make available lands to develop the practice of our sport from the most basic levels to the most qualified equestrian competitions.
  • Helping to ensure that the outlay required for the practice of this sport, which is sometimes beyond the practitioners possibilities, does not hinder their development, whether they are beginners or advanced riders of high competitions.
Facilitating Access
  • Facilitating access to Equestrian Sport for people with disabilities in order to achieve social integration in this field.