Escuela de Equitación San Jorge (San Jorge Riding School)


San Jorge Riding School is a family business dedicated to teaching horse riding at different levels, from beginners to competition, under the supervision of highly qualified instructors.

It is set in a natural environment only 15 minutes away from the city of Madrid, and five minutes from La Moraleja, Fuente del Fresno, Ciudalcampo y Santo Domingo.

Their service offer ranges from hypo-therapy sessions, to horse boarding, organization of social competition events, carriage driving classes, pony rides, after-school riding lessons, school-farm visits, intensive courses during school holidays, camps and open-day experiences, etc.

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre has signed a cooperation agreement on 2017 to cooperate in their project for the vocational in-house training for persons with disabilities so they get qualified as stable lads/lasses. It is a labour market integration program for youths with disabilities that participate in after school riding activities and hypo-therapy.

The project will consist in recruiting a group of around five youths to do stable work for three months, on weekdays from 9 to 9 a 13 h, performing tasks such as equipment maintenance, horse management, or riding activities, according to their personal capacities; to train their bodies (strength, resistance, reflexes), and their minds (memory, planning, strategies). Training should be supervised 100% of the time to ensure they get good habits, control and skills.

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