Equitalia Valladolid

Equitalia is an association in Valladolid that conducts equestrian therapies and adapted leisure activities. It in located on road Viana-EquitaliaTudel km.16, in Boecillo.

In 2015 the association started running an Equine Therapy program together with the Asociación Vallisoletana de Protección de Autistas (Valladolid Association for the Protection of Autistic Persons), consisting in a weekly session held at this association’s premises in Renedo de Esgueva, in the Valle Esgueva  Nursing Home and Day Care Centre, located in Valladolid

In 2017, above their Equestrian Therapy programs, they consider carrying on an educational and training course on equestrian therapies for professionals working in the attention and care of autistic persons. The program would consist in an educational intervention with the educational staff team at the Valle de Esgueva Nursing Home and Day Care Centre; an educational and training meeting with the support workers at the centre, and two more one day workshops with the centre users, for the workers to put in practise the knowledge acquired.

To guarantee the viability of the activities, and subsequently of the project, Equitalia needs an adapted ramp to facilitate the access to the horse, so in 2017 FPDE has shown its commitment through a sponsorship agreement to provide the funding for its construction.

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