EKINATUR Assisted Therapies with Animals


Ekinatur was created in 2009 to develop both psychomotor assisted stimulation and   comprehensive therapeutic procedures on horses.

The program “Equine Therapy for Penitentiary Inmates on Substances Withdrawal” is their proposal to use equine therapy as a tool to reinforce the intervention conducted by the Therapy Group for Drug Abuse Counsel, attending inmates at Toledo Penitentiary Centre. Equine therapy will prove to be helpful with self-esteem issues, control of impulses, tolerance to frustration, communication skills, emotional contact and successful teamwork.

For this reason, Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Equestre will support the activities of EKINATUR´s in 2017, through a collaboration agreement that will involve financial support for their program.

For more information about Ekinatur: www.ekinatur.com

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