ASPACE Segovia

Maquetaci—n 1ASPACE Segovia is the Association of Parents and Tutors of Persons suffering from Cerebral Palsy and other similar conditions in Segovia and its province. It’s a non-profit organization open to the public.

ASPACE Segovia was born in 2002 from the initiative of a group of parents whose children suffered from cerebral palsy, to improve the quality of life of these persons and their families, promoting their personal development and equal opportunities, a better rehabilitation, education, care, and their social and work integration.

Their goals are set in the scope of:

  • Raising awareness in society about this disability and similar conditions.
  • Promoting research, information and spreading the knowledge about the problems affecting people with cerebral palsy or similar conditions.
  • Cooperating with public administrations and becoming their interlocutor for matters related to people suffering from this condition in the province of Segovia.
  • Developing any kind of action for the prevention of the disorder, and rehabilitation, recovery and social integration of people suffering from cerebral palsy or similar conditions.

ASPACE Segovia and Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre have established a cooperation agreement for 2017, to conduct hypo-therapy sessions for people suffering from cerebral palsy and other rare disorders with a neurological base. The program will be conducted at the premises of Castilla and Leon Riding Centre.

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