Therapies with Children in Social Services: Entorno Doñana Association

For the third consecutive year, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports collaborated with the Entorno Doñana Association, helping it to take a new step forward in its Integration School, focused on children and young people assisted by Social Services in the  suburban districts of Madrid.
The program offered full sessions, where children and youths attended the center and performed equestrian and other supplementary activities. For the older ones, the main activity was riding, while the little ones engaged less in riding and more in brushing and connecting with the horses.
Throughout 2014 there were 92 participants aged 3-25, coming from four welfare centers or social services in the Community of Madrid. Besides, we managed to sign collaboration with Caritas and the Madrid Institute for Families and Children.
Thanks to the collaboration given by the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports, the Entorno Doñana Association not only was able to continue its integration program, but could also incorporate its equestrian activities to the children and youth programs of the Social Services with a very positive evaluation, which will result in the repetition of the project over the coming years.

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