ONCE Hippotherapy and Caballo Amigo Foundation

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport is involved, for the fifth consecutive year, in the joint program that ONCE and the Caballo Amigo Foundation develop in favor of children with visual impairments and deafblindness.
The beneficiaries of this project have been 8 students of the Antonio Vicente Mosquete Center, which is one of the 5 Educational Resource Centers (CRE) that ONCE has in Spain,

As every year, the purpose of the project is to promote the autonomy of people with sensory disabilities in activities of daily living and thus improve their quality of life. To achieve and accomplish this end, the program is based on 3 pillars: position in space, horse care and riding.
The balance of this year has been very positive. It can be said that all the children involved have reached the general objective, since at the end of quarter they moved independently in the Equestrian Center and have managed to internalize the steps and routines from their arrival at the center to their return to the bus going back to School.
With this new contribution, The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport continues its work to facilitate and bring therapies with horses closer to different groups with special needs.

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