Family Respite – PE&CO

This year, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports collaborated with PE&CO Association, which conducts activities in Alcorcón (Madrid), with the aim of helping it develop a family respite program for its users.
The activity was carried out during the summer months, from 23rd June to 25th July 2014, at the facilities of the Horse-Riding Center Venta la Rubia of Alcorcón (Madrid). Beneficiaries, an overall 22 users, were people with disabilities and in risk of social exclusion.
The program was divided by weeks, sorting children into 5 groups. However, some children stayed for over a week and they were in charge of explaining the activities to the new mates, thus increasing empathy and a feeling of cooperation among all.
The money for the project was used to reduce the actual price of the camp, making it more affordable for users.
In this way, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports promotes the rest of families with disabled members, being very necessary for such an intense and energy-consuming task within the family environment.

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