Donation of adapted equestrian equipment – Équma Terapias Ecuestres

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre and Équma Terapias Ecuestres from Seville, have signed a new agreement for the donation of equestrian material, being already the fifth year that this collaboration takes place.

The material received and acquired is being used in the therapeutic sessions they carry out throughout the year; its main beneficiaries are 6 adults with intellectual and physical diversity from Asociación Mater et Magistra, 4 adults from Fundación Nuestra Señora Rocío de Triana also with intellectual diversity, and 21 patients suffering from different neurodevelopmental disorders.

With this contribution by Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre , participants in Therapeutic Riding from Asociación Équma receive their sessions in the best conditions of safety and reliability to ensure optimal results, and also, new profiles of beneficiaries have access to the therapy.

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