Construction of an adapted ramp – MHG Foundation

MHG is a non-profit Foundation that has been almost 5 years working for the social integration of people with disabilities through Equestrian Therapies and Leisure with horses. They develop their activity in the area of Sierra de Guadarrama, in Madrid.
For this reason, The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport supports their project with the granting of an adapted ramp of access to the horse.
The users benefited by this new ramp, all have an intellectual disability and, in many cases, physical, motor and sensory affectations. Some come from occupational centers, others from residences for very affected people, home-dwelling for the more adults and educational needs’ centers for children, until they come of age.
The therapeutic activities are developed in groups of 6 to 8 people with long-term objectives set from the first session.
Leisure sessions with horses are made on some weekends, where larger groups of people with disabilities participate and where they share the facilities with people without disabilities. These groups are usually larger, between 25 and 30 users.
All of the activities, whether recreational or therapeutic, are designed to have the involvement of the therapy horse, so that the ramp provided by the Foundation is very useful for the development of any of the activities that MHG carries out, coming to benefit about 88 people.

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