17th Navarran Horse-Riding Games: C.E.E. El Molino

For another year, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports supports the participation of the Special Education Center El Molino Navarran Horse-Riding Games, now in their 17th edition.
C.E.E. El Molino was born as a welfare entity linked to the Ciganda Ferrer Foundation, with the aim of providing care for young people with mental disability and associated needs. This is the fifth time that our Foundation collaborates with these Horse-Riding Games, and the third year to support the participation of El Molino School in such activity.
The Games, held in the Horse-Riding Club of Labiano (Pamplona), had the participation of 61 students and 22 accompanying professionals, and were organized in two series between March and April. From all of them, 15 students attended with a scholarship granted thanks to our Foundation.
Through this collaboration, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports keeps on betting on these Navarran Horse-Riding Games, bringing equestrian routines such as horse riding or caretaking to groups that can benefit from such activities, both in terms of motor skills and attitudes.

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