Adapted Material – MAIARA

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport has donated a series of multi sensory materials to the MAIARA Association of Equestrian Therapy for the third consecutive collaboration.

2013_et17a 2013_et17b

A wide range of materials to complement the multi sensorial stimulation produced by the horse itself, to work the integration and the sensory areas required by many of the users.

  • These materials strengthen:
  • Auditory stimulation
  • Olfactory stimulation
  • Visual stimulation
  • Stimulation of deep sensitivity
  • Vestibular stimulation
  • Tactile stimulation
  • Motor, sensory and temporal space scheduling

These therapy supplements have been used since July 2013 and have so far benefitted 60 Equestrian Therapy users receiving weekly sessions, on foot with the horse as well as mounted.
With this contribution The Federation of the Promotion of Equestrian Sport continues its commitment to equestrian therapies making it the most adapted possible,  facilitating people with difficulties to benefit and enjoy them.

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