Therapy Programme – APTC

THE  PROFESSIONAL HORSE THERAPY ASSOCIATION  – APTC active in Valencia,  counted on the support for another year from The Foundation of the promotion of Equestrian Sport.
During this course, the collaboration resulted in a therapy programme with horses that took place on the sundays of  April and May 2013.
2013_et8b 2013_et8a
The programme consisted of five consecutive days of Individual Equine therapy sessions.
The group was composed of five pupils between the ages of 3 and 8 years old  from the Sebastián Burgos School of Specialised Education.
During the sessions, individual and specialised work was performed with each user for 30 minutes.
Because all the cases presented similar characteristics, sessions followed the following structure varying with individual needs:
Before Riding: Meet the members of the team and their horse, talk about the work, social interaction with the peers and bonding with the horse.
Ridden: Transfer to horse ramp.  Initial start, warm up excesses for the muscles to ensure a better seat on the horse.  In most cases this was accompanied by a physiotherapist. Therapeutic exercises. The exercises realised were mostly about balance, co ordination and muscle toning. Transfer horse ramp again.
After Riding:  Reward and say farewell to the horse to reinforce the positive working relationship and express emotion.  Farewell to the team.

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