Teamwork with the Horse – ASPANAES Ferrol

FPDE and ASPANAES Ferrol sign their fifth collaboration with the formalization of an agreement to carry out the program «Teamwork with the Horse».

The program was conducted at the premises of “La Finca” for a total of 27 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who attended in groups of 4 twice a week in 2-hour sessions.
The children were involved in activities to approach and contact the horses, work on their communication skills and learn to wait for and respect turns.
In addition, the sessions included teachers from Wales, Romania and Poland within the framework of the ERASMUS+ program in the KA10 and K229 projects, which enhance the exchange of European teachers from centers with students with different needs to improve their training and also share their experience and resources.

As part of the support given over the last years, Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre keeps encouraging physical activity and sensory integration work among the students with Autism Spectrum Disorder from this center, because it significantly increases their participation and Involvement.

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