Summer Course – UCM

The Complutense University of Madrid devoted one of its 2012 Summer Courses to the equine field: “Competition Horses: Current Situation and Future Perspectives”. To make it possible, it received support from the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports.
Numerous experts in the field gathered in El Escorial on 9th-13th July to discuss and analyze all aspects related to the horse industry.


The sessions covered different areas within the field, starting with federated equestrian sports on the first day – hosted by the trustee of this Foundation, rider Luis Álvarez Cervera and the President of the Spanish Horse-Riding Federation, Javier Revuelta del Peral – moving forward to Spanish Turf on the second day. The course was mainly focused on horse breeds and breeding in Spain. Finally, the last two sessions were devoted to strictly veterinarian subjects.
The course was attended by 18 students from varied backgrounds, Veterinary students and graduates, students at other university centers, riders, breeders and people with a keen interest in the equestrian world.


The number of attendants, together with the level of lecturers, forecast a significant repercussion of the debates held in the course of these sessions in the equestrian and clinical veterinary fields.

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