Equine Therapy Training PE&CO

One more year, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports collaborated with the PE&CO Association of Alcorcón (Madrid), this time with the aim of holding the “First Training Session in Equine Therapy” organized by the Association.
The course, delivered by Edith GrossNaschert and Juan Vives Villaroig, was developed on 9th-17th September 2014 at the Horse-Riding Center Venta la Rubia of Alcorcón (Madrid).
The training provided deeper knowledge on various topics and methods, ranging from the rehabilitation of physical problems to psychological and behavioral issues.
Both the teachers and the 16 students who could enjoy this course revealed a high level of satisfaction in the self-assessment survey they were required to complete at the end of the course.
Supporting this project is yet another example of the motivation of the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports to boost the horse therapy sector, enhancing the education of all those who choose to work in this field.

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