Equestrian adapted material donation – Aprosuba 2

The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport and the Association for persons with intellectual disability of Almendralejo and its region (Aprosuba 2), collaborate for the first time through the signing of an agreement for the provision of adapted riding material enabling them to continue and advance the development of Hippo-therapy sessions and adapted riding.


Its program of therapies will be destined to a total of 31 young people from 13 locations of the region with different syndromes and pathologies; 22 of them are benefited with sessions of adapted riding, and 9 with hippo-therapy. This program is scheduled for two days a week throughout the present year 2016.

The agreement is an improvement on its programs since it allows them to move forward in the promotion of the person with disabilities, enhancing their quality of life, promoting its relationship with the environment and nature, and consolidating knowledge already acquired.


Thanks to this collaboration, the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport has succeeded in giving greater security to users of Aprosuba 2 hippo-therapy and adapted riding sessions, also allowing the access to a larger number of beneficiaries  to the realization of a greater number of exercises, and the speeding up of the mount process.


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