Adapted Ramp – ET Huelva

The Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports for the first time collaborated with the Therapeutic Horse-Riding (ET) Huelva Association by donating materials for adapted horse-riding to provide therapies.
The equestrian therapy program was launched in July de 2014 and, thanks to the contribution made by the Foundation, the following improvements were attained:

  • With the donated materials the number of horses was increased, and now there air four horse-rider couples per class.
  • Now there is a full horse with English saddle to deliver sessions of equine therapy/therapeutic horse-riding.
  • Student riding safety was improved by the use of chest guards and helmets.
  • 30 children were benefited from this donation of materials.
  • 2014_et19b2014_et19c

With this contribution, the Foundation to Promote Equestrian Sports supports the new projects focused on equine therapy, favoring their expansion and settlement all over the country.
Con esta aportación, la Fundación para la Promoción de Deporte Ecuestre respalda los nuevos proyectos que tienen la hipoterapia como razón de ser, favoreciendo su expansión y asentamiento en todo el territorio nacional.

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