Adapted Material – As. Riding as a Therapy

The Riding Association as Therapy, which develops its activity in the area of Madrid, has returned to be supported, for the fourth consecutive year, by the Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport.
This year, among the materials donated by the Foundation, it is noteworthy to mention a fall prevention harness, a security system that the Association required for a more effective development of their therapies. With it, both adults and children have seen increased the safety and the quality of their sessions.
This system has allowed 30 users to progress and evolve in their rehabilitation, favoring greater autonomy, achieving to take over the direction of the horse and even managing a trot in a safe and calm manner.
As for the users with large limitations and needs for help, it has allowed the therapists to work with a greater margin of safety and movement, preventing unintentional falls from the horses and facilitating the manipulation and mobilization on the horse of patients with major affectations and dimensions.
With this contribution, The Foundation for the Promotion of Equestrian Sport continues to strengthen the lines of action that constitute its philosophy and its raison d’être (its reason for being).

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