Our work and how we do it

What is our Work?

The mission of Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre is to support, sponsor or collaborate with entities that carry out projects related to the Equestrian world in the field of sport, training or therapy.

Granting of aid, agreements, incentives and subsidies to entities that present their projects within the agreed period for studies, work and activities related to the foundational purposes.
Funding of publications and studies that represent a significant advance in the areas of Job Training, Equine Assited Interventions or Equestrian Sports.
Organisation of conferences and technical seminars related to the Foundational Purposes of our organisation.
Exhibitions whose main purpose is the horse in any of its various manifestations.
Create and formate of groups of experts in the fields of Equitation for Sport, Job Training and Equine Assisted Interventions.
Competitions and Awards
Calls for competitions and awards closely related to the equestrian world.
Encouraging the necessary sponsorship to carry out these activities.
The ways of carrying out the activities

How do we do it?

Las actividades pueden ser llevadas a cabo de diferentes formas, como a continuación se detalla:


Directly by our Foundation.


Through collaboration with state, regional, provincial, county and local authorities and bodies, or with people or entities, in interest projects related to the aims pursued.


Through the participation of the Foundation in the development of the activities of other entities or people, which in any way may serve the aims pursued by the Foundation, including companies, with the requirements and limits established by law.


By cooperating with sponsors that make possible the necessary funding.