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Non-profit association involved in on-horse rehabilitation for individuals of all ages, suffering from physical or intellectual disabilities or sensorial impairment, through personalized therapy programs with medium and long-term goals.

PE&CO is made up of psychologists and equine therapists. Each member of PE&CO is a specialist in his or her own field, from those working on cognitive-behavioural psychological therapy to professionals in horse-assisted therapy.

PE&CO will conduct a social integration program, structured in several meetings to be held throughout the year. The program is oriented to children and youths with or without diversity attending special needs schools, government-funded or private schools, with the goal of bringing children without diversity closer to their peers with diversity, so they lear to look at them as full members of the community and not to judge others by their condition. Also, the program pursues to foster autonomy, relational skills and social integration in the children with diversity. Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre sponsors this project in 2017.

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