Más Aragó Equestrian Centre

C.H. Mas Aragó

Más Aragó Equestrian Centre was established in Port d’Armentera, Tarragona in 2004. Among other activities, they develop Horse Assisted Therapies, targeting individuals with functional diversity and special educational or therapeutic needs.

Their projects for 2016 involve a Horse Assisted Therapies Clinic, an education plan for professionals and students in the fields of Education, Health and Horse Riding who want to come in contact with these therapies, as well as for families, associations and potential users who want to know more about them

Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre supports this education plan through a cooperation agreement with Más Aragó Equestrian Centre that will ensure a financial contribution for the development of the Clinic.

For more information about Más Aragó Equestrian Centre: http://masarago.com/

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